About us

In the past years RunData Networks focused on the domestic market and export via the third party. 
In 2012, we starts to exploring the oversea market by ourselves, sell both new and pre-owned networking 
equipment, we has been helping customers increase profits, decrease expenses, competing on the 
global market, World Connection now has customers worldwide, scattering Europe, America, Asia, 
Middle East and Africa.

With the large inventory for 2960X, 2960XR , 3850, 3650series, ISR Series, SFP/GLC Modules, some 
of them can reach 86% discount or above, World Connection ensures a quick and timely delivery 
for customers. We’re striving for being your reliable, long-term business partners.

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Contact: Michelle

Phone: +86 13670113421

Tel: 755 6113 1425

Email: michelle@poeethernetswitch.com

Add: 6F Huatian Business Centre, Baoan District, Shenzhen China.